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Make your own space.

Container Music Studio

A place to create

As our world becomes more populated, we are losing the places we can go to create music. This site is a resource for those who are being held back this problem and and looking for ways to create their own space. 

A container studio is an extremely affordable and quick method of building a modular studio. Within a month you can have your own soundproof space of your very own. Shipping containers are built to be transported so can take it with you wherever you go. .


Shipping Container Studio Handbook

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Join the community of musicians who are building their own creative spaces. 


Cost Effective - $7-15k

Depending on how much you DIY and the level of soundproofing you want, Container Studios can be extremely cheap. There are currently 65 million shipping containers moving around the world so they're getting around. 


Fast - DIY 1x Month

The modular nature of the construction means it is very fast. We're talking as little as a few weeks between purchasing the container and having your very own studio.


Portable - Take your studio with you

Shipping Containers are built to be moved. Your completed studio can easily follow you wherever the wind takes you through life. If your work or home situation changes, it's as simple as phoning a tow truck. This flexibility makes container studios an extremely low-risk investment of your time (and money) with an extremely high payoff when completed. 

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