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Design Overview: A Sneak Peek Into My First DIY Home Studio

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I did a TERRIBLE job documenting the build of this container studio. (I'm new to being a slumlord influencer) So I made this video to show off some of the design choices in it's construction.

Check out the specs below..



The tank, alpha tank, doom dungeon,

Current Location:

Industrial estate 15min from inner city.


20f high-cubic capacity (one-tripper). Bought from container reseller


Standard timber frame 90x45mm pine

Internal Sheeting:

16mm fire-check plasterboard (drywall).

Sound isolation techniques:

  • Room within a room - frame isolated from external

  • Extra thick 16mm firecheck plasterboard

  • Sound isolated ventilation system

Fancy Features:

  • Nib wall for stashing cases

  • Split system AC

  • Tall-ass


  • LED down lights - create big perforations in the plasterboard for sound to escape. I wouldn't do this again.

  • Single layer of thick plaster (drywall) - next time I would go 2x layers of standard 10mm

  • More sound absorption panels.

Build Time:

Part time ~2 months

Total Build Cost:

~$12,000-ish (including AC and labour). Stay tuned for an update. I gotta count my receipts.

Any questions on this one? don't hesitate to ask me

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