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Design Overview: Unboxing a Shipping Container Music Studio

This was the first ever shipping container studio that I came across. It was a huge part of my life and a game changer for my musical practice so I love it dearly.

Check out the design features in this video. I've included an overview/breakdown below.



Tanky II, Gypsy caravan of dank beats, Josef Fritzl jamroom

Current Location:

Industrial estate 10min from inner city.


20f 'Standard' container. Bought pre-fitted out


Standard timber frame 70x35mm pine

Internal Sheeting:

2x layers 10mm plaster. (1x Inside and 1x outside the stud)

Sound isolation techniques:

  • Room within a room - frame isolated from external walls

  • Thicc door + glass door

  • Acoustic door seals

Fancy Features:

  • Split system AC

  • Very sound isolated

  • Very cost effective design. Love it!

  • Carpet with thick underlay - does a great job


  • Fluorescent lights are a vibe killer.

  • More sound absorption panels

Build Time:

NIL - bought fitted out

Total Build Cost:

$8500 AUD

Any questions on this one? don't hesitate to ask me

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